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Programming Endeavors, Past and Present

Open Source Coding

  • Yet another parser for the English wiktionary, written in Rust. Runs in under a minute on a Ryzen 3600 thanks to the excellent quick-xml library.

  • A personal collection of tools to optimize Factorio bases. A part of Factorio is planning for optimal production ratios between a multitude of intermediate goods. This package uses linear algebra to do just that. It can handle cycles, and so efficient designs of petroleum chains or nuclear chains are possible.

  • A collection of Python scripts to download and pre-process the distributed RePEc database. My computer runs these scripts monthly to prepare the data for two of my interactive blogs: RePEc Trends and RePEc Map.

  • A BitTorrent library (client) written in Common Lisp.

  • Andrei Dubovik, Alon Bar-Lev

    MP3Unicode is a command line utility to convert ID3 tags in mp3 files between different encodings. It is also my first foray into open source programming, back from 2006.

Package Maintentance

  • I maintain a patched version of the Proton Mail Bridge package on AUR that uses standard file system security instead of the more fashionable but less standard DBUS-accessed keychains. (If this sounds like a niche within a niche, that’s because it is.)

Open Source
Open Source